Sale department
Sale department
HOTLINE: 0935.301080
(Mr Phat)
HOTLINE: 0915.344247
(Ms Tho)
HOTLINE: 05113.935151
Thật thích hợp để thưởng thức bò sốt vang trong thời tiết se lạnh này.
Cá lóc nướng trui, cháo cá lóc, canh chua cá lóc... là những món ăn ngon được nhiều người ưa thích.
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Respectfully address to: MANAGEMENT BOARD


         First, An Khanh Limited Company would like to show the respectful greetings to you.

It is known Your company specially pay attention to meals of employees. This not only reflects company’s good policies toward its staff, but also helps to increase productivity if daily meals for employees meet the following criteria:



ü  Food hygiene and safety

ü  Ensure quality and nutrition of food

ü  Time and method of organizing and serving is quick and in a timely manner

ü  Various menu

To meet the needs and complete the quality policies above, An Khanh Limited Company always make the efforts to improve and cary out with the basic solutions as follows: 

ü  Control each phase of production process strictly with professional Quality control department.

ü  Have logical methods of organization and comply with schedule strictly

ü  Serve at least 02 main dishes everyday with the various menus

ü  Always choose the subcontractor having qualified food


We would like to provide insudtrial helping for you by all enthusiasm, always share Leaders’ concern on employees by quality of products and serving manner.

For further more information about our services, please visit website suatancongnghiepdanang.vn or call: 0511. 393 5151 or 0935 301080



Best regards,


                                                            AN KHANH LIMITED COMPANY



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HOTLINE: Ms. Đoan : 0905.909.525 - Ms. Tho: 0915.344247 - 0236.3935151